Brand Botswana

Nation Branding Agency

Brand Botswana-Case Study

The purpose of our nation brand is to bring Batswana together around a single identity and agreed set of values, in order to stimulate stronger communities, culture and heritage and most importantly instil a greater sense of pride and community engagement in our country.

Administratively, Brand Botswana is responsible for the:

  • development and management of the overall branding, marketing and promotion of the country
  • coordination of branding, marketing and promotions by key national stakeholders such as tourism, export, investment, government entities
  • authorisation to appraise Brand Botswana stakeholder activities, behaviours and communications for compliance with national brand strategy and call stakeholders into account
  • management and licensing of the Botswana brand logo (Pride mark)

Brand Botswana engaged Bitbrands in 2016 in managing social media accounts in order to increase page engagement and awareness on all local products, services, and many more Batswana doing great things for our country, Brand Botswana Page was at 16,000 likes & followers with less than 2% engagement on the page, since 2016 till 2018 Brand Botswana has seen a huge growth in followership and engagement with followers at 46,000 on Facebook, and 4,500 twitter followers.

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